ZazzyMobile Web-Apps

We create and develop custom-branded “Mobile Web-Apps” for businesses and organizations. A custom-branded Mobile Web-App is designed to help build and strengthen your brand.


A “mobile-optimized” website is crucial! This past year over 50% of internet users that accessed your website did so from a mobile device. Could these users easily view your website on a mobile device?


There are 3 major components that make up a sound mobile marketing solution:  a Mobile Web-App, a “mobile-optimized” website, and a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy.

The World is Mobile

We provide turn-key solutions for every mobile need!

The world is not going mobile: it is mobile! The use of mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate. Soon, the use of mobile devices will be the primary source for accessing the internet. Currently, there are 4 mobile phones for every 1 personal computer. We live in a “click” society. When people want information, products, or services, they expect them instantly and on their terms and timeline. As a business or organization, if you can’t meet the consumer’s needs on their schedule, you risk losing their business and loyalty.